Open Science in the World

Open science has been a priority of the European Commission since 2016 and includes the introduction of mechanisms for open access to scientific publications and data, the development of the European cloud of open science, the improvement of science metrics and the evaluation of a researcher's career; increasing the reproducibility of research results; formation of open science skills among researchers, development of an open access publishing platform, etc. In particular, legally open free access to scientific publications and the research data they refer to is a condition for receiving grants from the Horizon Europe Framework Program. In parallel with Europe, the USA, Canada, China, Japan, and even African countries are implementing the policy of open access. The reason for its growing popularity is that open science not only provides more equal conditions for the competition of scientists and facilitates the verification of declared scientific results, but also helps society to more rationally spend money on scientific research, avoiding unnecessary duplication of experimental work, repetition of research and development topics.