Open science is a new approach to the scientific process based on new ways of disseminating knowledge using digital technologies and new tools for researchers to work together. The paradigm of open science marks systemic changes in the research process: the transition from the traditional publication of research results in commercial scientific publications, which due to the high cost are now not available to everyone, to the free exchange of scientific ideas, from the exclusive ownership of research data created during the implementation of projects and tools to grant other scientists the right and opportunity to use all the results of research financed by society, in particular, through international and national grants.

The policy of open science reflects a new approach to the educational process and scientific technical activity, defines the principles of unimpeded access to scientific results and research data, the process of creating open educational resources; outlines the infrastructure of open science and directions for raising the level of awareness and building competence in open science. The policy is also the basis for dissemination, implementation and popularization of open science at the local, national and international levels.